Versatile biopolymer solutions:

Sierra Resins SR-Series
bio-based polymer additives work with most plastics and foams.

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Over 500 billion pounds of plastics are consumed each year - plastic bottles, shopping bags, packaging materials and the like. Some plastics can last thousands of years in the environment. This is what spurred the creation of the Sierra Resins SR Series polymer additives.

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Sierra Resins, Inc.®
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For injection molding, sheet, film, foam & filament production:


Portfolio of Enviroble™ bioplastics additives

Molded component product design,
including packaging design

Rapid prototyping using 3D printing

Mass weight loss analysis of prototypes
in simulated landfill environment

Manufacturing of sheet, film, foam & filament

Sierra Resins SR Series Enviroble™ polymer additives are distributed globally for use in the Hospitality Amenities and Food Services industries.

In an increasingly 'Green' world,
some companies seek advantage by claiming that their products break-down over time. Such claims should be supported by testing data. To see such mass loss evidence on a liquid form of our bioplastic applied to polyurethane thermoform applications, click here.

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